Hello and welcome to the cyber-throne of the Vinyl King. If you want to start your weekend with a little sizzle I invite you to tune in my show, The Rock and Roll Classifieds, 7 to 10 pm every Friday evening on The Train 106.3 FM and 1170 AM ( and also heard on KOWZ 100.9 FM (

Not only will we start your weekend with sizzle, we’ll start it with a little snap, crackle and pop too! That’s because I actually play vinyl records on my show! It’s your chance to hear any song that made the Billboard Pop Charts, from numbers 1 to 100, with listener requests, contests and features all part of the start to your weekend!

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About the Vinyl King, Dale Siegfreid

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Whether you’re a long-time listener or a newcomer to my show, you’ll find out pretty quickly that I can be correctly classified as a record nut. How did I get this way? Well, growing up I always had control of the car radio, I cranked up the stereo at home until my parents (and the neighbors) couldn’t stand it anymore, and I was the guy that always had an earphone attached to a little transistor radio I carried in my pocket. During the day, that radio was always tuned to AM 1130, WDGY Minneapolis with its great DJ’s, Million Dollar Weekends, and “much more music”.

After sundown, like so many of you, I explored the nighttime sky-wave and tuned in to other AM giants like WLS Chicago, KAAY Little Rock, WHB Kansas City and KOMA Oklahoma City. During the 70’s and 80’s these stations all changed formats and what we were left with was FM oldies stations playing the same songs over and over.

Frustrated with being able to only hear the same 300 songs from the 1964 – 1971, I decided that somebody, somewhere, has got to play the other 19,700 songs that charted between 1955 and 1990, and it might as well be me! While I don’t have all of the approximately 20,000 hits from that era, I do have quite a few, and KOWZ and you the listener have been good enough to let me play them for you every Friday evening since 1998.

As for myself personally – by the way, my name is Dale Siegfreid – besides the title Vinyl King I have several other titles. One is CPA, as I work in the Austin office of Larson Allen Weishair & Co. LLP. Another title is coach, as I've been involved in coaching youth hockey, baseball and softball in Austin. Another is Dad, as myself and the Vinyl Queen (wife Lori) are the parents of the Vinyl Prince – Joseph and the Vinyl Princess – Laura. As a family we enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities – biking, fishing and hiking in particular, and enjoy cheering for and attending Minnesota Gopher hockey games and Wild hockey games. One other thing (and here’s a shameless plug) – I’m also a mobile DJ and invite you to contact me if you want an entertaining and interactive DJ for any upcoming event that requires music from the 1940’s to the present, dancing, and lots of fun!

Thanks for stopping by, and before leaving, please feel free to visit some of the links below to various sponsors of The Rock and Roll Classifieds. As you know, their support, and your support of them, is an important component of my show. I hope you can tune in to KOWZ FM 100.9 this coming Friday evening, and as always please remember, that peace, love and rock and roll are all here to stay!

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